Your Protection Starts here: APS Preventive Program

Our techs complete an inspection of your plumbing system with evaluation and photos on a detailed report that will be emailed.


Visual inspection of your plumbing system, water heater, garbage disposal, sump pump and more...

Additional items inspected:

Toilet Flapper-Supply Line
Kitchen Faucet-Drain
Bathroom Faucet-Drain
Shower Faucet-Drain


The picture of your plumbing item will be saved in our online data base and emailed on report

Photo Benefits

Future breakdowns
No need for an extra trip charge
Copy of photo for your records


Your plumbing system condition and notes will be provided on the inspection report

Condition Types

+ Detailed Notes

Report Emailed

Detailed report on the evaluation of your plumbing system with photos will be sent as a PDF

Honest and Intergrity

Most homeowner’s never know much about services they pay for. This is why we give you a detailed report on your plumbing system.

Basement Flooding? We Have The Best Solutions Around

Dealing with water in your basement can be a major problem as it brings with it numerous hazards from milder mold and mildew growth to serious structural deterioration.It is important to note that most of the damage is usually caused by the water you cannot see.

  • Sump pump inspection and replacement
  • Battery Back-Up Installation
  • Check pipes for leaks
  • Inspect water heater
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Standard Maintenance Service Program:

Take a minute to see what is included with our service.

Items listed below are included in program

  • All toilets are dye tested, this will find any leaks
  • All bathroom sink and shower drains are cleaned
  • All faucet aerators are cleaned out removing mineral build-up
  • Kitchen sink p-traps removed and cleaned of grease build-up
  • Water heaters are drained to clean out mineral build-up
  • All sump pumps and ejector pumps are tested and dated to let you know when to replace
  • Battery back-up systems are tested
  • Visual inspection of main sewer line determining if line is draining properly
  • All outdoor sill-cocks are shut on/off for the season (insulated covers if necessary)

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Affordable Plumbing Services. Full Service Comapany

Your home was built to last a lifetime, unfortunately your mechanical system was not. With some maintenance to your system you can control your energy cost, ensure that minor plumbing issues don’t become major ones and know that you can have piece of mind that your plumbing system is sound. Honest and integrity are a hallmark that sets our business philosophy. We have served our Naperville/Plainfield neighbors with the best plumbing services possible for over 10 years.

Why choose APS?

Affordable Pluming Services strives to make sure you get the best price, quickest response time, and the most knowledgeable experts in the plumbing service industry.
Founded in 2005, we started the company by referral and continue to grow this way. APS wants to be your trusted plumber to service the life of your home’s mechanical system.
We respond to your needs quickly, our skilled plumbers will arrive at your home to diagnose the problem, provide you with solutions and with our Up Front Pricing…you’ll know the exact costs before any work begins. 1 year workmanship guarantee on new installations.
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